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How do you value goodwill?  Make the invisible...visible.
IRS is winning lawsuits that disqualify business purchases owned by traditional IRAs!
Changes are coming to the IRS Appeals - some good and some...well...
IRS is attacking Personal Service Corporations!
1) Is it a good idea to buy your boss's business?  2) An essential skill for successful business owners.  3) Have you considered a Pareto Analysis?
1) How to pay too much income tax on the sale of your business.  2) Consider these marketing priorities to grow your profit.  3) Business succession is not just the seller's issue.
1) Is your business your largest asset? How would you value it to sell?  2) A vital component for sales growth is Quality.  3) Business growth is essential for success - How?
1) Have you considered a wealth analysis? 2) The decision to lease vs. buy is still important today. 3) Managing time is essential for small business success.
1) How will you retire from your business? 2) Considering a telecom audit? It may reveal hidden savings for you.  3) Employee leasing helps manage growing businesses.
1) Are you ready for the new Nevada commerce tax? 2) The higher customers' view of value, the higher their loyalty be. 3) Dashboards identify key trends for management.
1) Thinking of selling your company? One of the most important decisions...  2) Social media tools are essential for customer decisions. 3) A cooperative approach to grow your business.
1) Solid contracts are critical value drivers, 2) One-on-one networking builds long-term success, E) Even today, vehicle expenses need monitoring.
1) Attracting premium buyers, 2) Balancing short-term vs. long-term performance, 3) Best plans for collecting payment on time. 
1) Lookout:  IRS  is challenging S Corporation compensation, 2) Your supply chain - is it a value driver?, 3) Press releases that get reader attention.
1) New IRS rules benefit small taxpayers (building owners), 2) An overlooked value driver - company culture alignment, 3) Ideas to trim your IT budget.
1) Lower your IRS tax when selling your business, 2)Diamonds in the rough -employee ideas, 3) Best practices for budgeting.